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Flowers and Their Uses in Different Functions Sometimes referred to as a bloom or blossom, flowers are the reproductive structures in a plant. Apart from facilitating reproduction, flowers are also used by humans to beautify their environment and also as objects of romance like during valentine people give flowers. They are also used as medicine, for religious purposes, ritual and as a source of food too. There are many more examples of flowers apart from roses, lilies, daisies and moonflower. Flowers are presented in different colors too such as; yellow, red, pink, white, purple, orange and many more. Used in symbolism too flowers are. Often used in burials to denote life, lilies are used to denote life and resurrection. Red roses are used as a symbol of love, passion and beauty while daisies are used a symbol of innocence. Poppies are used to commemorate soldiers who died in war as they are a symbol of consolation. Flowers are got from picking in the wild, buying from florists or growing a flower garden at home. Flowers have been used differently in many instances. Flowers are an expression of sympathy to the grieving in funerals and burials, while, they are used for decorations and for the bridal party in weddings. Flowers are also used as token of love or as a gift of remembrance for bon voyage and gifts of thinking of you. In the Hindu religion flowers are brought to the temple as gifts.
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Often, flowers are sold in bouquets as a mix maybe of roses and carnations or as a single species like roses or lavenders. To support their business, florist depend on a network of commercial growers and shippers. Fresh flowers are highly perishable hence their storage is supposed to be in a cool place and should not be stalked for long. A sprinkle of cold water to flowers helps preserve them longer and also add to their aesthetic. A red flower symbolizes courage, respect, admiration and desire; the colors of flowers have different meanings.
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Red is the color of love. A light pink speaks of gentleness and pink is a symbol of grace and innocence. Serenity and openness is believed to be conveyed by blue carnations. It may be a sign to relax, slow down and release stress. White flowers might mean reverence and humility, purity and innocence or sympathy for bereavement. Symbolizing dignity, tradition and success, purple is a loyal color and a bouquet with purple flowers might mean admiration and adoration. The list being endless that is just a few out the number. Out of being well versed in regional and national flower-speak, florists can craft a message by simply placing a certain color of a flower next to another. Passion and enthusiasm is required of florist in flower business.

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